SC-5 Electronic Stencil Cutter

The Diagraph SC-5 electronic stencil machine is one of the most advanced industrial stenciling machines available in the market today. Unlike its manual predecessors, the SC-5 has the ability to cut various media and a wide range of fonts, symbols, and sizes. One of the new features of the SC-5 electronic stencil machine is the ability to cut traditional 15 point sheeted stencil board as well as 10 point rolled board.

The SC-5 automated unit features an extra-wide 29” bed and state-of-the-art knife saving technology and is capable of cutting characters in a wide range of sizes and materials, including:

  • Heavy-duty polyester
  • Magnetic vinyl (for user-created stencils)
  • Poly NT material
  • Stencil board
  • Ultra-Cut two-ply white polyethylene film with adhesive backing (an ideal substitute for stencil board for use on concave or convex surfaces).